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SFIP/Techtera: Healthcare Innovation: Polymer & Textile assets

12-06/2022, 08h00 - 12-07/2022, 17h00

SFIP – the French Society of Plastics Engineers – and TECHTERA – The French cluster of competitiveness of the textile industry – are organising a congress dedicated to the medical & healthcare industry on 6 and 7 December. Polymers and textiles meet the challenges of connected health, customisation, traceability and homecare. They are at the heart of solutions in a wide range of applications: medical devices, primary and secondary packaging, in-vitro diagnostics, etc. Thanks to their unique properties, they meet the regulatory requirements, of quality, safety and innovation required by this very demanding sector regarding patient protection. Three main areas are concerned: innovation, regulation & user expectations and sustainable development. It is dedicated to raw material producers, industrial and academic researchers, designers, processors/converters and manufacturers of medical use’s products, start-ups and prescribers/purchasers

> Properties/characteristicsandperformance:content/
container interaction, biocompatibility, hygiene/
asepsis/antisepsis, personalisation/customisation,
> Regulations/ legislation – Barriers and constraints;
> Specificities of medical polymers: medical grades;
> Sustainable development and eco-design: bio-based
materials and other alternatives, end-of-life manage-
ment (sorting, recycling, recyclability);
> Innovative applications and new uses: prostheses,
ortheses, implants, medical devices, textiles, dres-
sings, primary and secondary packaging, diagnostic
systems, tissue engineering;
> Smart devices: connected, sensors, embedded elec-
> New perspectivesoffered by additive manufacturing:
customisation, function integration


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La certification ISO 9001 - 2015

L'ISO 9001:2015 spécifie les exigences relatives au système de management de la qualité lorsqu'un organisme:

a) doit démontrer son aptitude à fournir constamment des produits et des services conformes aux exigences des clients et aux exigences légales et réglementaires applicables, et

b) vise à accroître la satisfaction de ses clients par l'application efficace du système, y compris les processus pour l'amélioration du système et l'assurance de la conformité aux exigences des clients et aux exigences légales et réglementaires applicables.

Toutes les exigences de l'ISO 9001:2015 sont génériques et prévues pour s'appliquer à tout organisme, quels que soient son type ou sa taille, ou les produits et services qu'il fournit.

Obtenir la certification ISO 9001:2015, c’est s’appuyer sur 8 principes de management :
• l’orientation client ;
• l’implication du personnel ;
• l’approche processus ;
• l’amélioration continue ;
• la gestion par approche système ;
• le leadership ;
• la prise de décision fondée sur des preuves ;
• le management des relations avec les parties intéressées.